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Eudora International, Inc.

Eudora international, inc. Established in 1997, is a Los Angeles, california based manufacturer and distributor of health food, cosmetics, diet supplements, skin care products and hair growth products to businesses and individuals worldwide.

Eudora International, Inc.

is a fast-growing company specializing in research & development, manufacturing, and sales of anti-aging treatment and prevention cosmetics. As a full member of ICMAD (Independent Cosmetic Manufactures and Distributors), Eudora International, Inc. is expanding its business from the U.S. market to Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea.

Eudora International, Inc. was founded in 1997 and has been providing high quality products to customers for more than twelve years. Our philosophy is bringing people better life with Eudora's high quality cosmetics and health products, while providing excellent service and products at an affordable price. We are very confident that you will find our high quality products and services are second to none.

- Eudora International, Inc. was founded in June 1997.

- Eudora International, Inc. was approved by FDA in 1998 and started production and sales of Arthritis Plus and other health products in technical cooperation with high-technology COBE Chem Labs and BioZone Laboratories, Inc.

- With the world's first patented invention of rubbing Botox ingredient Hexa Peptide-8, the company started production and sales of its wrinkle firming product "CLAIR" in 2003.

- The company acquired the approval for MIRABON from Korea Food and DrugAdministration (KFDA) in October 2005 and started sales through Hyundai Home Shopping.

- In April 2007, EGF Reactivator, anti-aging treatment and prevention system, was put on the market.

- EGF Reactivator Double Action Perfect Aging Control Cream was approved by KFDA.

- EGF Reactivator Firming Serum was approved by KFDA.

- EGF Reactivator Triple Action Eye Complex Serum was approved by KFDA.

- In February 2009, Eudora International, Inc. sponsored the 51st Grammy Awards with our signature line EGF Reactivator.

- In February 2009, EGF Reactivator Total Eclipse 35 Sun Lotion was approved by KFDA.

- Since 2009, EGF Reactivator products aired on GS Shop TV in Korean. Thet have sold over 30,000 since today and growing.

- In January 2010, Eudora International sponsored the 52nd Grammys.

- In March 2010, Eudora International sponsored the 82nd Academy Awards.

- In August 2010, Eudora International sponsored the 62nd Emmy Awards.

Furthermore, Eudora International Inc. will continue our endless development and progress of cosmetics with company's motto: best product, best price, and best service. We promise to develop more effective, safer, and high-quality products using the best ingredients for the skin. Our story of success and advancements, shall continue on through our innovating products.


We carry an array of products that vary from anti-aging, skin care, hair care and feminine hygiene products.

We carry five brands that are sure to meet all of your expectations towards enhancing your looks.

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